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Ocean State Search And Rescue, Inc. (OSSAR)

Team Profiles

The OSSAR Team

OSSAR's members are qualified in many areas of search and rescue. Each member brings their own unique qualifications to the team. The combination of these skills and the level of dedication of our teammembers help us to be successful.

Currently, there are three main areas in which team members specialize.

  • K-9 Air-Scent Dog Team (DELTA)
  • Navigators (NOVEMBER)
  • Mobile Units (Under Construction)

K-9 Air-Scent Dog Team (DELTA)

Certification for K-9 Air-Scent teams requires testing. This test consists of the handler and K-9 searching a 40-acre (minimum) parcel. The handler has a two hour time limit and must make a successfully find of the subject.

A certified K 9 trainer, not associated with OSSAR conducts the pass or fail test. In addition to air scenting, some K 9 teams are crossed trained in cadaver, trailing, and/or tracking.

Navigators (NOVEMBER)

OSSAR Navigators continually training with map, compass, computers and GPS. With topographical maps, they must be able to plot the exact location of the teams, located in the field.

Moblie Units (Under Construction)



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