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Ocean State Search And Rescue, Inc. (OSSAR)

About Us

Ocean State Search And Rescue, Inc. (OSSAR) was incorporated on March 14th, 2002. We are a 501 c 3, non-profit, volunteer organization. Recognizing the need for a search and rescue team dedicated to the people within the State of Rhode Island, OSSAR members have worked together to adapt and overcome; striving to become a well rounded team able to complete the tasks at hand.

OSSAR has a simple mission, to assist the Rhode Island State Police (RISP) and the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RI EMA) with search and rescue skills necessary to locate missing persons within the state. With this philosophy we hope to bring positive closure to all families.

OSSAR has the ability to provide RISP and RI EMA with certified air scent dogs, navigators proficient in GPS, map and compass, and members who are trained in assisting the Incident Commander. All members must be certified in CPR and first aid.

Certified air scent dogs. Certification for K-9 Air-Scent teams requires testing. This test consists of the handler and K-9 searching a 40-acre (minimum) parcel. The handler has a two hour time limit and must make a successfully find of the subject. A certified K 9 trainer, not associated with OSSAR conducts the pass or fail test. In addition to air scenting, some K 9 teams are crossed trained in cadaver, trailing, and/or tracking.

OSSAR Navigators
Continually training with map, compass, and GPS. With topographical maps, they must be able to plot the exact location of the teams, located in the field.

OSSAR Mobile Units
Under Construction

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